Who is Alex Lacson?

Alex is a bestselling author of patriotic books.

While he is a lawyer by profession, being a co-founder and partner of the MALCOLM Law Firm in Ortigas, Pasig City, Alex’s first passion is writing books for the country.

His bookwriting came to him after going through a dilemma.

In 2000, Alex and his wife seriously thought of migrating to the U.S. or Canada. At that time, his older brother just migrated to the US, and his younger brother also applied for migration and eventually left with his whole family.

But after seriously thinking about it for almost a year, Alex and his wife decided to stay and live their lives in the land where God planted them.

In his desire to help the country, Alex decided to use the small talent God gave him – writing. He decided to be a writer of books that promote love and sacrifice for our country.

In 2005, he wrote the book entitled “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country”, which to his pleasant surprise, became an instant national bestseller. Since then Alex has written several more books that promote love for our country and good citizenship. One of these is “12 Wonderful Things about the Filipino & our Motherland”, published in 2012. In this book, Alex speaks of what is good and beautiful about ourselves, the Filipino, and our country. He wrote this book because he wants the Filipinos, especially our youth, to believe that we are a great and beautiful people. Alex wants our youth to have a deep sense of faith in the Filipino and love for our country.

In 2008, he wrote the poem “I am Filipino”, to help develop among our youth a healthy, positive, developmental, unifying and solution-seeking identity for the Filipino, beginning with our youth today.

In Five Hundred Years Without Love, Alex hopes for our youth to understand the social cancer plaguing our country today. Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo are required readings for all Grades 8 and 9 high school students in the country. But they talk of our country’s social cancer more than a hundred years ago, during the Spanish era. So many things have changed tremendously since then. Alex believes that it is equally if not more important for our youth to understand our country’s social malaise today.

Alex also currently serves as a board member in the Advisory Boards of Alay Buhay Foundation, the Philippine Army and the Department of National Defense.

He is also the former chairman of Civil Service Commission’s Multi-Sector Advisory Council.

Alex likewise served as CEO of ISA (Institute of Solidarity Asia), a public governance institute that runs good governance & development programs with several LGUs and national agencies like the AFP, PNP, Department of National Defense, Board of Investments, among others.

Alex was also a former legal counsel of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the Philippines. He was also a former columnist of the BusinessWorld Newspaper.

Alex is also a co-founder and former president of PMTL (Pilipino Movement for Transformational Leadership), a coalition of faith-based organizations from the catholic, evangelical and protestant communities whose primary objective is to help in electing genuine servant leaders for national and local positions through the GabayKristo voter’s program.

During the 2019 Elections, Alex served as the Convenor of People’s Choice Movement which gathered lay leaders from various faith-based organizations from the catholic, evangelical and protestant communities in the country. And using a standard criteria, they selected what they believed were the “10 Best Senatorial Candidates that our country and people need today”.

Alex is a graduate of the College of Law, University of the Philippines (Diliman), Batch 1996. In 2002, he took a short summer program at Harvard Law School in Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA. In 2007, he finished a leadership course and training based on Christian principles at the Haggai Institute in Singapore.

Alex is married to a beautiful wife, and has four wonderful children.

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