God’s Smile

Smile to yourself. . .
until your daily seriousness is vanished.

Smile to yourself. . .
until the gloom in your heart is vanquished.

Smile to everyone you meet . . .
Smile on the lonely faces
Smile on the doubtful faces
Smile on the fearful faces
Smile on the sorrowful faces
Smile on the sickly faces
Smile on the hungry faces
Smile on the young, youthful faces
Smile on the old, wrinkled faces

Smile because your smile . . . 
may give courage to the weak
may give hope to the despondent 
may give strength to the weary
may give joy to the unhappy
may awaken goodness in a darkened heart

Your smile may infect others to smile,
who in turn may infect many more to smile.
Your little, easy to give but loving smile 
may cause a thousand smiles in a day.

Smile, for it is an act of kindness and love.

Smile, for it can make our world a bit better. 

Smile, for you are God’s ambassador of kindness. 

Smile, for you are God’s disciple of love.

Smile, for your God is a God of love.

Alex Lacson
December 25, 2019
Inspired by “The Apostolate of Smiling
By the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters

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