Let’s build a New World

Something’s destroying our world
And t’is fed by reasons manifold – –  
Greed, lust for power, vanity and fear
All causing a global social cancer. 

They’re evil and fuel each other
Yes, these greed, lust for power, vanity and fear
Add extreme patriotism and religious fanaticism 
And ours is a world divided with deeper chasm.

But this world is not only for the few
Not only for the moneyed, nor for the mighty crew
T’is also for the ordinary, for me and you
That’s God’s desire, and I believe it to be true.

We’re all an integral, essential part of the whole
We’re all part of the world’s human puzzle
The world’s not complete without you and me
All of us, we’re meant to be here and to be free.

Thus, we all have equal right and claim
To all nature’s blessings and beauty stream
To all life’s essentials including prosperity 
that come and evolve from the universe’s bounty.

We’re all an essential, equal part of one human family
Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus a Hindi 
And all those who believe otherwise in good
Brethren we all are, in need of love and a hood.

So share kindness and love
Spread the sunshine above
Let’s open and grow our hearts
And live as one family of many parts. 

For those who have but a few years in sight
T’is not too late to pursue the light
Though older, we’ve yet much to offer 
Though weaker, we yet can see much better.

Come my friends, let’s heed the light  
T’is not too late to dream of a world that’s right
With a single purpose at heart and in mind
We can yet build a better world for all humankind. 

A business for the common good
A politics of love and brethrenhood 
A society with a soul
A peaceful world for one and all.

We’re all architects of the future
We’re all builders of humanity’s lore
Our children’s future’s too important I stress
To be left alone to those in politics and business.

Come brethren, from far and near 
You and I, we can do this together 
Along with the fiery hearts of a billion other
Let’s build this new world for one another! 

Alex Lacson
In “Five Hundred Years Without Love”
July 2020

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