The Sun & the Sunflower

The world is so busy
So you might also be
But think of the sun one day
It rises every morning, faithfully
And lights up the day, steadily
Even during a storm or tsunami
It’s there, behind clouds, shining brightly
Doing faithfully it’s only Mission – –
To shine for everyone, everyday

I wish you learn from the sun
Shine for everyone, everyday

And if you still find the time
Do look also at the Sunflower
It follows the sun from dawn to dusk
The only one among all the earth’s flowers
It is faithful to the sun
It is faithful to the light

I wish you learn too from the Sunflower
Faithfully follow the light
Refuse the darkside of anything in life
You are too beautiful for that
Follow the light of Christ

I pray you’d grow up
To become a wonderful soul
Like your father and mother
And like the sun and the sunflower
Always inspiring, always believing

I wish you the very best in life, my Inaanak.

Alex Lacson
For his Inaanak, Fiona Merzo Eligan
On her 18th Birthday
December 26, 2018

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