Five Hundred Years without Love


It’s a gripping story of love, pain, tragedy and misery of a family suffering from the social cancer plaguing Philippine society today.


This is my humble attempt to write a modern version of Jose Riza’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, both of which talk of the country’s social cancer during the time of Rizal, more than a century ago.

Rizal’s Noli and El Fili are required reading for all Grades 9 and 10 junior high school students in the country.

While I agree that our youth need to study our country’s social ills during the Spanish era, I also feel quite strongly that it is equally, if not more, important for our youth today to study and understand our present-day social cancer in its comprehensive and wholistic manner, not only in a piecemeal or one-dimensional view.

That’s why i wrote this book.

Our youth need to understand what keeps the country weak, and what keeps most of the Filipino families poor and miserable. Perhaps while they are reading or studying the book, our youth can think of ways how to solve or find cure to the social cancer. Perhaps this book would help in cultivating in them a deeper sense of love, sacrifice and discipline for our country and people.

I hope they would dream big dreams not only for themselves and their families, but also for our country, especially for the millions of poor families.

It is my hope that this book would help, even in some small measures, in raising a great generation of Filipinos among our youth today.

I hope that in their time, the Philippines would truly become a world-class country, and the Filipino a truly great and respected citizen of the world.

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