12 Little Things Global Filipinos can do to help our Philippines


Every Filipino, wherever they are in the world, is part of the solution and of the hope of our country


There are more than 10 million Filipinos who work or reside in around 200 countries. That’s more than the population of Singapore, Hongkong, Denmark or any other Scandinavian country.

A number of these Filipinos abroad have done or are doing well in their respective fields of endeavour. They have the talent, skills, experience, connections and resources.

They can help our motherland.

I always believe that every Filipino, wherever he or she is in our archipelago or in the world, is part of the solution, and part of the hope of our country. They are among the missing pieces of our nation’s puzzle. They are part of the answer. They are part of our story.

I also believe in the power of little things, of small acts of love, of minute deeds of help. In nation-building, every little thing counts. Every citizen counts.

If a million of these 10 million global Filipinos would each support a poor child as a scholar, there would be a million poor young Filipinos whose future could change for the better, which would in turn change our country for the better. They need not look far to support scholars. They can adopt those poor but deserving relatives. A piece is a part of the whole. The success of every Filipino is part of our nation’s success.

This is why I wrote this book.

I hope it finds itself in the hands of millions of global Filipinos in various countries.

With their help, and love, we can build a great and prosperous Philippines.

The Filipino will never become world-class in the eyes of the world unless the Philippines become a world-class country.

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