8 Principles of Success for the Filipino Youth


These are 8 Fundamental Principles the author has learned from all the success books he has read. He wants every Filipino youth to learn from them


We want our youth to achieve their dreams. We want you, our beloved youth, to succeed in whatever field of endeavour you choose for yourself.

But we also want you to be good and patriotic Filipinos.

That’s why we, in the KaBayanihan Foundation, published this pamphlet for you. We fervently hope that these 8 Principles would provide you a good and solid foundation as you walk and work your way to your dreams. These 8 Principles incorporate Patriotism, Integrity and Excellence – the 3 core values that our Constitution and our Country want to see from our youth, from every Filipino.

In KaBayanihan Foundation, we believe that success is only sweet and beautiful if it is attained in a beautiful way, if it is achieved using the proper and morally-acceptable principles, employing the right and socially-appropriate strategies and techniques.

Success that benefits only the person and his family and does not benefit others and the society, is a narrow success. True success is one that helps others and our society.

We, in KaBayanihan, wish to contribute in raising “The Greatest Generation of Filipino Youth” – those who would be the most disciplined and hardworking, the most honest and conscientious, the most patriotic and caring, those who would dream big not only for themselves but also for the country, those who would create wealth not only for themselves and their families but also for those who have none in our society.

We earnestly pray that this material would help our youth today become a great, if not the greatest, generation of Filipino youth in our nation’s history.

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