Alex LacsonCommentary, Philippine Daily Inquirer2009 DURING the Spanish time, the face of our people’s enemy was very clear. It was the Spanish conquerors and rulers of our country. They used force and violence against our people, raped our women, stole ourgold and spices, exploited our natural resources. During the American period, the face of our …

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Our Leaders, Our Problem

Alex LacsonCommentary, Philippine Daily InquirerJune 20, 2014 “When our politicians sleep, our nation moves forward.” You will find this message in many of the streets in Rio de Janeiro these days. When you reflect upon what’s happening in our country today, with many senators and congressmen and other high government officials implicated in the pork …

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Healing our nation

by Alex LacsonCommentary, Philippine Daily InquirerMarch 31, 2015 In his book “From Third World to First”, Lee Kuan Yew described the Philippines as a country with two societies – first, the few elite who live in luxury, and second, the many poor who live a hard life. He said our country needs a gel that …

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The Greatest Generation

Alex LacsonCommentary, Philippine Daily InquirerSeptember 26, 2011 This phrase was first used to refer to the millions of young Americans who volunteered to fight during World War II. More than half a million young American soldiers died in the battlefields of Europe, Hawaii, Japan, and yes, our Philippines. Theirs was called “the greatest generation” because …

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The Filipino Today

Alex Lacson30 August 2010 Every now and then, we hear negativity about and against the Filipino. The Hongkong Chinese nationals hostage-drama in Luneta last August 23, 2010 was one crisis that brought out much negativity against the Filipino. Two days after the incident, a friend who works in Hongkong said, “It is difficult to be …

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